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Q. What is the Entertainment Registry?

A. The National Registry of Entertainment Practitioners is a single repository of information on culture/creative practitioners. When fully automated it will act as the central portal for listing Jamaican entertainment service providers and companies including their key profiles and contact information.

Q. What are the benefits of the Registry?

A. The Registry will:
1) Help to rationalize the entertainment industry for greater economic benefit
2) Authenticate the legitimacy of entertainment practitioners
3) Facilitate efficiency and transparency within the entertainment industry
4)Provide economic benefits to practitioners through a National and Regional Customs Exemptions Regime (Tools of Trade) and other incentives especially those derived from the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and other trade/development Agreements.

Q. Who Qualifies?

A. All practitioners of the entertainment and creative industries covering Film, Fashion, Visual and Performing arts, Dance and Music.

Q. Is there a fee to register?

A. Not at this time. While a nominal registration fee has been suggested, it is believed that initial fees should be waived to encourage voluntary registration. Over time however, it is expected that a nominal registration fee will be imposed to cover administration costs.

Q. The Registry seems to be geared towards the music industry, what are the benefits to the other non-musical sectors?

A. The National Registry is aimed at ALL persons within the entertainment and creative sectors. The music industry is being encouraged to register given it linkages with the proposed amendments to the Noise Abatement Act and the imposition of an Event Rating system for entertainment promoters. The benefits to all productive sectors and the benefits are similar as that for music - the Customs Exemption Regime proposed under the new Fiscal Incentive Legislation covers the entire creative industries, not just music.

Q. What is the Productive Inputs Relief (PIR) and how does it relate to the Registry?

A. The PIR allows relief for the production of primary products and the manufacture of goods (Part 5 Customs Act) and also includes the Creative Arts. This includes goods imported as raw or intermediate materials; equipment and parts; packaging materials and Consumables. Only individuals and companies that are registered will be able to access the PIR.

Q. How do I register?

A. Registration forms can be downloaded from fill out the relevant forms (individual or company) and return the three (3) signed copies via email to

Q.How are bona fide practitioners vetted?

A. The Ministry has formed a Steering Committee comprised each from JAMPRO, Ministry of Youth and Culture and the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment along with a member from the particular industry group being considered. For example, for an actor or performance related application, and a representative from JADA; music, a representative from JFM/JARIA/JAVA/Sound System Association and so on.
Companies that receive incentive under the now repealed the Motion Picture (MPIEA) y produce, in addition to a completed company registration for, MPRS documents to demonstrate bona fide within the motion picture industry. If the incentive is being sought in the sector separate from which the MPRS status was granted, all forms and documentation must be completed.

Q. What is the difference between an individual registration form and a company registration form?

A. Space individual registration is intended for sole traders, students or a single artiste, artiste filmmaker or performer with a valid Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) company registration is for businesses with a valid Tax Compliance Certificate.

Q. Can I import equipment for resale?

A. No. Equipment must be used in the course of a registered business for company applicants, and as Tools of Trade for individuals.

Q. How much equipment can I take in at any one time?

A. This depends on the nature of the business which must be verified by audited financial statements, a business plan and other company information you provide along with your registration application. The Steering Committee of the Entertainment Registry will conduct periodic site visits during the life of the business.

Q. What is the role of the Parish Council and Municipalities (Local Authorities) in the registration process?

A. The Local Authorities will over time be the point of first contact for promoters seeking Places of Amusement Licenses. When the Entertainment registration process is 100% automated, Local Authorities will through a dedicated portal, be able to accept registration forms, generate a unique identifying number, and verify with the Ministry of Entertainment the bona fide of promoters seeking Places of Amusement Licenses